You’ve just received the news that your child has been diagnosed with a disability. Your dreams are shattered. Now what?
Joe and Jen Butler have stood in your shoes and know how it feels. Twenty-two years ago, they received the same news about their son, Micah, who has multiple disabilities. Over the last two decades, they’ve learned that a diagnosis isn’t the whole story―and God still has a plan and a purpose, both for Micah and the rest of their family. And He does for you and your child as well!

With an optimistic and lighthearted style, let the Butlers tell you the story of their journey with Micah, what they’ve learned along the way, and how it might help you and other families who’ve been called to care for a child with unique needs


Todd & Julie Mullins

Senior Pastors, Christ Fellowship Church
"We are so grateful for Joe and Jen sharing their story of their journey with their son, Micah. Through this book and their ministry, Ability Tree, they are bringing encouragement to other families with special needs children, providing a perspective that moves beyond the daily struggles and pointing to a larger vision of what God can do in and through families like theirs."

Doug Clay

General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, USA
"Joe and Jen Butler have God given gifts to care for individuals with special needs.  They also have a God given calling to equip others and come alongside families, churches and ministries to grow in their effectiveness in ministering to persons impacted by disabilities.  A great resource for sure!"

Dino Rizzo

Senior Director, ARC
"Some ministries come along and you know they are a gift from God. They positively impact the Kingdom by making a difference in the world. Life With Micah is that gift. This message will equip you to care for, nurture, and serve precious families with disabilities. I love the Butlers and thank God for what they do."

Steve Bundy

Senior Vice President,
Joni & Friends International Disability Ministries
"Joe and Jen Butler know firsthand the joys and challenges of parenting a child with special needs. ... They discovered, as you can, that God was not finished with their family, in fact, he was just beginning. This book tells the story of that beautiful unfolding of God’s plan, and encourages you on the journey God has given your family."