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As a non-profit company, we need your support to continue the vision of Ability Tree.

Would you consider giving? Your gift makes it possible to launch new Community Branch locations, fund Ability Camps, provide consulting for churches across the nation, and to provide respite to families impacted by disability.

Checks should be made out to Ability Tree, address P.O. Box  881538, Port St. Lucie, FL 34988. Thank you!


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Equips a church to welcome two new families.


Provides one evening of respite for 5 families.


Helps equip a local church to prepare to welcome and include families impacted by disability.

"For my family it means a whole lot
that we have a local place like Ability Tree,
and a group of people we can trust with our kids.
Ability Tree is not just taking care of our children,
they're also taking care of us so we can
have the mental clarity and time to be the
parents we need to be, so we can continue
to enjoy our kids who are a blessing from the Lord.
Ability Tree means the world to us."
Josh & Ronda Bryant
Parents of an Ability Tree MVP
“As a family personally impacted
by disability, I believe in how Ability Tree
is helping the local church care for and include
these families. Ability Tree has helped River Valley Church
be better prepared to include people
with disability in the life of our church.
They know their bullseye, and it is to help the church
make Jesus accessible for all!”

Pastor Rob Ketterling
Lead Pastor, River Valley Church
Minneapolis, MN