Coming Alongside Families
Impacted by Disability providing R.E.S.T.
(Recreation, Education, Support, & Training).


Community Branches exist to "make community possible" for families impacted by disability by inviting families out of isolation and back into community with local disability inclusive programming. We realize that whole families are impacted not jut the individual with a disability but their siblings and  parents as well. Our programming is designed with that in mind. We  have 4 branches in 3 states, with a vision to plant more in the future!


Most families impacted by disability will never set foot in a church again simply because they don't feel welcome. Through our Consulting Branch, we equip churches across the U.S. to make ministry modifications that will welcome and include these families back into the life of the church. 

"When our son Micah was born with multiple disabilities, we had no prior training. We simply loved him and got to know him." 

- Joe Butler, Founder & Executive Director, Ability Tree


"I vividly remember receiving the news of my son’s diagnosis from the neurologist some 20 years ago and it was not encouraging or hopeful. Hearing the experts say that my son had “abnormalities in his brain”, that they didn’t know if he’d ever walk, talk in complete sentences, or one day be independent, was a hard pill to swallow.

It’s been quite a journey..."


Learn more about where we've been, how we've grown, and where we're headed.
From the very first outing at an aquatic center, we've branched out over the years to come alongside families impacted by disability.