Make Jesus
Accessible to All

Your gift empowers communities and churches across the nation to welcome, love, and support families impacted by disability.


  • Prepare churches from coast to coast to welcome families out of isolation and into their church body.
  • Provide families impacted by disability with much needed R.E.S.T. (Recreation, Education, Support, and Training).
  • Give individuals with disability the opportunity to attend summer camps in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.
  • Make Jesus accessible to all.


Most families impacted by disability will never set foot in a church again, simply because they don't feel welcomed.
Ability Tree is devoted to equipping local churches and local communities to welcome, include and support families impacted by disability. 
Because of generous givers, we are able to provide churches across the country with resources and a gameplan so they can make Jesus accessible to all. 

"Being prepared to welcome and include people
with disability is no longer an option,
it is essential ministry for every church in every community."

- Joe Butler, Founder & Executive Director, Ability Tree


I vividly remember receiving the news of my son’s diagnosis from the neurologist some 20 years ago and it was not encouraging or hopeful. Hearing the experts say that my son had “abnormalities in his brain”, that they didn’t know if he’d ever walk, talk in complete sentences, or one day be independent, was a hard pill to swallow.

It’s been quite a journey and the first few years were the most challenging. Micah has developed well beyond what we expected in those early years. He walked at the age of four and he’s been talking in sentences for a decade and a half! Micah has blessed our entire family. He will always need someone to care for him and the benefits that come from being his dad far outweigh the personal costs of that care.

According to Psalm 127, Micah (and all children) are a gift from the Lord. We couldn't agree more!

While our family started Ability Tree in 2010, the broader AT family has grown to include thousands of families across the U.S. Our relational model of ministry allows us to come alongside families like ours in the community and serve churches with a heart to be welcoming and inclusive.

Your generous giving in 2023 allows us to expand our ministry to more churches and communities across the country in 2024.

-Joe Butler, Founder of Ability Tree


"As a family that has been
personally impacted by
disability, I believe in how
Ability Tree is helping the local
church care for and include
these families."

Pastor Rob Ketterling 
Lead Pastor, River Valley Church
Minneapolis, MN
"Ability Tree has been an
incredible blessing to Bethany
Church. Not only has the
ministry of AT equipped us to
better minister to individuals
with disabilities, but it has also
inspired many of our people to
jump in and serve firsthand."

Pastor John James 
Lead Pastor, Bethany Church
Wyckoff, NJ





Equips a church to welcome two new families. 
Provides an evening of rest for a family and
connection with a local church.
Helps a local pastor prepare his congregation to
welcome families impacted by disability.