Making Jesus Accessible 

We provide disability ministry training for the local church.

We are all about the kiddos...

and helping churches welcome them!

What is Ability Tree?

We come alongside families impacted by disability & equip the local church to welcome them.

Local Branches

Local means everything.  Ability Tree has five branches in three states nationwide that serve the disability community in their town.  We do this by coming  alongside families impacted by disability and equip organizations through recreation, education, support, and training.

Church Consulting

We believe the mobilized local church is the hope of the world. The reality is that in every community, the local church should lead the way in loving and including families impacted by disability. This can seem daunting and we know that, but we can help train your staff and volunteer teams.

Digital Resources

There is so much to learn and discover about those impacted by disability in your community.  With our digital learning platform we can help you understand better how to plan and prepare to minister to them in excellence.  

Meet Joe & Jen

Our Founders

I vividly remember receiving the news of my son’s diagnosis from the neurologist some 20 years ago and it was not encouraging or hopeful.

Hearing the experts say that my son had “abnormalities in his brain”, that they didn’t know if he’d ever walk, talk in complete sentences, or one day be independent, was a hard pill to swallow.

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